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is 2012 really over?

9 Jan

2012 was a whirlwind year for me.  Even though I feel that at the beginning of each new year.

Looking back on it though, I really do think I’ve accomplished more in the past year, than I have in any previous years.

  • i ran in 9 races last year!  NINE!  including my first half.
  • I completed my masters degree. (After 2.5 LONG years)

Ok, maybe that’s not a lot, but these were major accomplishments for me.  I can’t believe I did that many races.  Especially when I ran my first 5k in October 2011.  I never thought i’d run a half marathon let alone a 5k.

And I finally graduated with my MBA.  I’m glad to be done with papers and studying.

So what’s in store for 2013?

Be Fit- er

Continue improving upon what I’ve already accomplished and don’t fall back on old habits.. which I definitely did over the holidays.

  • More races – I don’t have as many planned as last year (Not YET):
    1. Surf City Half Marathon – February 3rd in CALI!
    2. Cherry Blossom 10 miler – April 7th ( I ran this last year – hoping to blow out my time)
    3. Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC – April 28th ( I am a team in training participant for this one – more on that in a later post).
  • Find more ways to keep myself motivated to stay active.

More family time

I came to realization last year (even though I already spent a lot of time with my family) that family time is super important to me, and when making new decisions I need to keep this mind.  I took a leadership class for my MBA and we had to come up with personal mission statements, this is mine:

My Mission is to live a life full of Joy and delight through continued personal growth,
commitment to my family and finding the good in everything.

I love how this statement came together, I think it definitely fits who I am right now.

Experiencing new things

This is my last year as a twenty something and I want to go out with a bang.  I went to visit my bestie in Florida in December and she took me to a ropes course.  She said she wanted to try something new.  I was up for that.  Normally when I visit her we go to Disney or Universal.  But when we got to the course, I got a little terrified (i remembered my fear of heights).  But I pushed through and ended up having a ton of fun.

Become a more  conscious spender

I spend way too much money and I am not really sure how.  DH showed me a template last year to create a Conscious Spending plan, which I did fill-out last year, but I really need to revisit and start sticking with that.

Blog More

I have been going back and forth with blogging, but this year I really want to invest some time and blog more.

Happy New Year!  Talk to you soon.