burning out

12 Apr

with school starting back up, and my bootcamp classes in the early morning I have been exhausted!  If you remember last year – i had this same schedule – basically running around for 18 hours straight, and i don’t remember feeling this way.  bootcamp classes started last week and I scheduled them the same day as my evening MBA classes.  Yes it makes my day hella long, but there is no way i could wake up the morning after class and do bootcamp – normally I don’t get to bed before midnight on those days. and i love bootcamp – don’t want to give that up.

So yesterday i was exhausted, ran 5k when i got home, ate something random and then passed out at about 9:30 – thinking that would give me enough sleep to wake up in time for bootcamp.. apparently it didnt. my body wanted more sleep and I must have turned my alarm off, because my furbaby woke me up at 6AM.. when bootcamp starts!!! and passed my normal wake up time for a regular day.  so I was already late for getting ready and getting into the city- but i rushed and still got in on time.

Another thing I did last week was cancelled my monthly parking pass at the city garage.  The garage costs me about $135 a month pretax.. and there are streets I can park on if I get in before 8AM .. therefore I strive to leave my house by 6:45 to get into the city by 7:30.  I am hoping to not get another parking pass till the winter months when the days get shorter – because lets face it, the city isn’t extremely friendly.  but this will save me an extra 1k for the year – sweet.. can we say shopping spree.

So with all these factors- i think I am taking too much on.. which I’m sad to say.  So what do I plan on doing about it – absolutely nothing!  I WANT to do all these things, therefore I will have to figure out how they will all fit in my schedule and make sure I am getting enough sleep – yes I still need to take care of myself.



cherry blossom recap

10 Apr

i loved everything about this race.  The course was flat, the weather was perfect.  I did have to wait in line at the portapotty for about 40 minutes, but I made it to the start line in the knick of time.  i was definitely nervous, but i eventually forgot about the distance.  i had some random knee pain at around mile 6, but quickly dismissed it after mile 7.  I was so CLOSE.  I finished in about 1:55.  Not too bad, and I definitely hit my goal of under 2 hours.  I think i could have done better, after all I did have enough strength in the end to sprint to the finish line.  So next year.. my goal is at least 10 minutes faster if not more, that shaves off a minute per mile.

Below are some official race photos..

This first one is perfect.. I am actually looking and waving.  The next one, not so much.  I look like I am in physical pain.

So whats next.  Well my original goal was a 1/2 marathon, but I really would want to do that with someone else.  I have some friends doing the Baltimore FULL marathon in October – that totally freaks me out, and I always thought it was crazy to do one.. but these people are really convincing.  I plan on signing up for something soon, so I am thinking about both the 1/2 and FULL as an option, still leaning more towards the 1/2.

4th times a charm.

1 Apr

Today was the day of my big race! I was super nervous all weekend. My legs felt weird. I ate a ton yesterday. And to top it off we weren’t running on schedule this morning which I hate. We made it though and I ran my 10 miles for the first time. This was the 4th race I have run in and I definitely enjoyed it- except for when I almost puked in the port-a-potty pre-race. I forgot how disgusting they can be especially with thousands of people roaming about.

Ooo and I got my first medal!!


with my momma – she ran in her first 5k race.


post race with hubs.. wearing my medal 8)..


post-race celebration – enjoying a well deserved mimosa (champagne with hibiscus)


my beautiful medal.. I am soo proud of myself!



o Peeta and Katniss

29 Mar

those of you who’ve read The Hunger Games will know what I’m talking about.  I started reading the book last night after hearing all the hype about the movie.  I can’t put the thing down!  Can I please go home now and finish reading it NOW?  In my mind I can imagine the characters and it’s killing me not to know what’s next.  I need to know whats going to happen.  O and I need to see the movie.  Hubs is already 1/2 way done with the book.  I myself am only 35% done, but I think I could finish it by tomorrow, in time for date night!

Anyone read it and/or see the movie?


27 Mar

With all the blogs I’ve been reading I have often read about tapering but I never really payed attention to what it actually was till last week when my training plan read “next week you will start to taper off your runs”. So I did some googling and found tapering is simply slowing down your training.

My week runs have mostly been ranging between 4 and 6 miles each. As my race is this Sunday my training guide advised me to do an easy 4-6 mile run today. So my 5 mile run today wasn’t anything unusual. But I am only running 3 days this week vs. my normal 4-5. So that’s tapering. I see.

My run today was blah. I started and had a side cramp which I pushed through but I just wasn’t in the mood. I think my favorite running time is in the AM.


crustless pie

26 Mar

I had a great 4-day weekend.  My spring break was coming to an end, so I decided to take a couple of days off of work to get some errands done.  I did some much-needed things – like finally getting new tires on my car, and getting a prescription for my glasses.. I am going to try contacts but they want me to attend a class on how to use them.. lame.. I am not a little kid.  But I am sure I will need the instruction.

There were a ton of things on the list that didn’t get done.. I am hoping those will get done in the near future.. but I won’t hold my breath.  I did however complete my scheduled runs, as well as make some crustless pie.  The pie was made from leftover sweet potato pie filling I had from last week.  I love that its crustless cuz it saves on calories!

In other news – my race is SUNDAY!  I can’t believe it’s finally here.  And can I tell you – I am super excited.  I now know my 8 miles last week wasn’t a fluke – as I redid the same run yesterday.  I definitely feel like I can complete the 10 miles.  I have a goal of finishing under 2 hours.  The only sad thing is the Cherry Blossoms won’t be in attendance this year.  It’s the freakin Cherry Blossom 10-miler, but unfortunatly due to all this wonderful weather the Blossoms bloomed early.  I am hoping the race won’t be too boring due to this. 

My running schedule for the week – the training guide only recommends running Tuesday and Thursday this week, but I feel like my legs are really heavy if I haven’t run the previous day so I plan to do a short run on Saturday too.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 4

Wednesday – 3mile walk with Taj?

Thursday – 5

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 2/3

Sunday – RACE DAY

Just keep swimming

25 Mar

Or in my case… Keep running! Today was my last long run before the big race next Sunday! I didn’t feel nervous about the 8 miles like I did last week, but I did have to keep repeating to myself “you can do this”, ” you did this last week” and “keep moving your feet and arms”. The weather was perfect for a long run it was overcast with temps in the low 60’s and 30% chance of rain. I was fine the first few miles. I just needed to get half way. I popped some raises after mile 4. Mile 7 was easier- again and by mile 8 I was ready to be done. I finished faster than last week- my pace was a little faster + I didn’t have to stop to strip a layer off.


Happy spring break to me

23 Mar

Gettin my toes did- finally. Running has really torn my feet up. I have callouses and I’m embarrassed to say even corns. Needless to say, I am enjoying the feet pampering.


my poor boobies!

21 Mar

I am about to share tmi. since my 8 mile run on Sunday I have had some issues. I noticed chaffing on one of my boobs! And lets not talk about how sensitive they have been to touch. I read online to apply vaseline to the spot before and after the run to prevent further chaffing. I was wearing my favorite sports bra on sunday! How did this happen. Through my research I found if clothing is loose or cotton that is normally when one experiences chaffing. And therefore I am stumped, because the bra is a very good fit and its not cotton! I blame it on the distance. I also have felt a small pain in my side which I attributed to gas. I know – tmi. Well on today’s run I felt extremely gassy, but the pain/ weird feeling is all gone! which makes me think I shoulda run yesterday.. Anyways enough about that.

Remember, I had a pain in my left leg. I didn’t feel the twinge so much throughout my day, and even tried to run in place real quick to see if I could run today. I decided to take a chance and go at least 1 mile. My body felt so tired today, and my calves weren’t happy. But I didn’t feel the twinge.. and ran 4 SLOW miles.. – avg pace 11:40.. finishing a few minutes slower than I normally do.

Todays eats, o and Taji begging:

My lunch was peppers with dry daal. pretty good.. Thanks MOM.
Protein shake for dinna! I added cinnamon today.. YUM!
I got these from Wegmans! They looked yum and nutritious.. take a look below at the nutritional info.

THe burger was YUMMY.. with some asparagus on the side. I would say this dinner was a winner.
And of course Taji waiting for something to fall, or for me to feel bad and sneak him some food.

sweet potato pies

20 Mar

Yesterday’s eats in pictures:


my new favorite “dessert”: plain chobani, with fresh sliced strawberries, and granola sprinkled on top.


Dinner: pan fried Tilapia, with asparagus and some brown rice, and sriracha sauce! YUM – but I wasn’t really hungry.


I did finally get to try the Steam-able bag of brown rice that’s been sitting in my pantry though and it wasn’t too bad.


Today after work I am volunteering at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins. We are cooking dinner for the families. We decided on a healthy bbq menu, and I volunteered to do the coleslaw and sweet potato pies. If I didn’t blog before about my favorite skinny sweet potato pie recipe – let me tell you how much I love Gina’s: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/11/sweet-potato-pie.html. It is simple and so YUMM. I made two last night in preparation and I am so excited to share them with the families.

I still need to figure out when and if I am going to run today.  I have a short run planned and I may just run it on the treadmill when I get home.