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Bro leaving and blog eats

10 Jan

My brother who’s been in town for the last few weeks had to finally head back to Seattle 8(. It was nice having him around for awhile. He is planning to move back to the area later this year. I’m really hoping his plans don’t change and he does officially move back. I have fun with him.

Last night DH and I headed to my moms to say our goodbyes. We took a trip to Sweet Frog to enjoy some fro yo.

I’ll miss that kid. But I’ll see him in a few weeks. He’s meeting me in LA to run in the Surf City half.

Today’s eats included many recipes I’ve found on my favorite blogs and I wanted to share them with you. One of the reasons I love reading other’s blogs is to find recipes such as the ones below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I have made the Banana Bread and Sweet Potato wedges multiple times and they are delicious! Great snacks.

Sweet Potato wedges courtesy of Carrots ‘n Cakes

Skinny Veggie Lasagna courtesy of Pinch of Yum

Healthy Banana Bread courtesy of PB Fingers


weekly eats and workout plan

17 Jan

This weeks meal plan!

Monday – baked salmon, parmesan couscous, steamed asparagus, biscuit : slacked
Tuesday – leftover pork tenderloin with leftover couscous and asparagus : 3 miles
Wednesday – coconut curry shrimp : 2miles + weights
Thursday – Stuffed Baked Chicken/ chicken parmesan : 20 minute workout
Friday – Dinner with the girls for bmore restaurant week : AM kickboxing/ PM 4 miles? 
Saturday – Lunch: tuna melt/ burger and fries, Dinner: cheese or chicken enchiladas

Sunday – AM protein pancakes ( so many recipes I want to try!), bagel thin/ naan pizzas, ? 3 miles? running with friend

Some ideas for Sunday Dinner:

Today I am going for a run with one of my teammates for the cherry blossom 10-miler.. should be fun.

only 2 finals standing in my way

15 Dec

only 16 days left in the year!  december flew by super fast, and this weekend is just the beginning of the holiday celebrations.  I have 2 finals standing in my way (1 due sunday, and 1 due tuesday? maybe).  but i have some stuff working in my favor:

1. my finals are online so i can take them whenever (i guess this could also be a bad thing)

2. im pretty much finished with my work for the rest of the year, so i am working from home tomorrow to hopefully knock out 1 exam

things not working in my favor:

1. all the food and sugar around me (i’d rather be eating or baking something)

2. procrastination

tonight i am attending a study session for one of my exams.. i am hoping this will better prepare me to take at least one of the exams.

what i am looking forward to this weekend:

friday – run 3.5 miles, a final at some point.. dinner with the hubs (stuffing my face)

saturday – brunch with one of our favorite couples and there 1 year old.. I got him an awesome present!  I think its awesome – i’d want one. run (4 miles), holiday party at my friends later that night.

sunday – run 4.5? bday brunch for my friend – maybe a final

monday – finish a final? rest? run x.x? birthday happy hour for my girlfriend

wish me luck.  O I am also on the quest for the perfect gym bag.  I am currently eyeing this one from REI.

I have a bunch of crap when i got to the gym, and then all my dirty clothes, shoes when i leave.. so i need a bag that can hold all that.. currently i use a tote which works.. but isn’t that great..

Do you have a bag recommendation for me?

Another year older

4 Dec

some pictures from my birthday weekend!


















birthday festivities

1 Dec

it’s my birthday and i’m gonna eat if I want to..i’m just saying its gonna happen. i’m probably going to gain at least 1 pound this weekend, and guess what, I am pretty excited about it.

so yes i have been MIA, and I actually started a post to recount my adventures last week – but for some reason wordpress didn’t save my draft like i asked it to! apparently the blogger gods weren’t impressed by my stories of eating and puddle jumping.. I will retype that when I have some extra time. But for now.. its December! what.. November and October flew by.. well the entire last year did.. and this Sunday i will be turning another year older.. boo.. I actually don’t mind.. it sucks more when I realize that my hubby is younger and likes to remind me by calling me “Bum: oldilocks” – that’s straight from an IM conversation we had earlier this morning. If you are wondering why the tag name is Bum.. its not something I just made up.. that is an actual nickname for my hubby and what I have him renamed as on my gchat and even in my phone too!

So anyways. My birthday festivities start today. I am taking tomorrow off work to catch up on school work, and will hopefully have sometime to groom myself (ie pedicure, eyebrows, hair). So today my co-workers are taking me out for a nice carb-loaded lunch at an Italian restaurant. I was even surprised this morning with an Apple muffin from panera on my desk. At first I was like apple in my muffin? but it was declious.. I was even going to try to be good and only eat 1/2 … but umm.. it was gobbled. I couldn’t even take a pic in time..


OMg.. I could probably eat another one right now. Normally on my birthday – well for the past few years.. I’ve gotten a table at a club in DC.. and drank and danced the night away.. While I love doing that, I’m not really in the mood for that this year. Instead I’m all about the food. So this weekend is full of eating! Friday I am not sure what I will do.. maybe ill try to just be healthy at home. My saturday plans though include a girls dinner full of margaritas, guac and chips, and something huge to eat for dinner.. followed by cake and gift opening with my hubby love.. Sunday.. pancakes (duh!), lunch with the mom’s and then dinner with hubby love at one of our favorite dc restaurants..

I’m super excited.. O and I still have to do my Christmas decorations. That’ll be done in my free time, along with hw and studying (i have a final on the 10th!)

weekly plan fail

17 Nov

so.. I admit I am lazy, but I’ve been really committed to getting up early and working out 3 times a week.  This is when I have other people I am meeting.  Its just when I have to do it myself where I start to slack.  So this week I had goals of running on Tuesday.. which Tuesday was pretty glumy and I got lazy.. so I took Taj for a nice long walk (~3 miles).   So I decided today I would wake up about 6.. and plan to start my run at 6:30.. when the sun started to come out.. But instead I decided to keep my butt in bed.. personal fail.  So I need to find a way to keep myself accountable for missing these weekly goals.  Any ideas?

Today I saw that Starbucks has buy one get one on their holiday drinks from 2-5Pm..checkout details here.  I am heading over with some coworkers and plan to get a Tall Gingerbread Latte with skim milk and no whip.. nutrition doesn’t look so bad.. except for the carbs.. holy moly.. how do you fit so many carbs into such a small cup – i guess you add a ton of sugar.. blah


ok, so got it.. and didn’t love it.. sipped and ended up throwing most of it in the trash. boo.

Its okay though.. tonight hubs and I have a special date(adventure) night planned.. ill share later!

whats for dinner?

2 Nov

well breakfast and lunch too.. I am working with my bootcamp instructor in personal training sessions and she offered to include a nutritional assessment.  Which is awesome, because the one thing I struggle with most is how much I should be eating and of what!  I got the assessment back this morning.. and it drills down to this:

in a given day i should eat:

calories ~ 1400

made up of:

carbs ~ 140 grams

fat ~ 32 grams

protein ~ 140 grams

Currently I am doing too many carbs and fat.. boo.. I love carbs.. and fat(just not on me)!  Definitely not near enough protein, that’s more than double what I am probably getting now.  She also gave me a sample daily menu which looks pretty good, I could probably pull it off.  It shows about 30 grams of protein per meal.. wowsers.  The meal plan also includes 3 snacks.. which each have quite a bit of protein as well.  So looks like I have some grocery shopping and cooking to do.

The high protein items listed on my sample menu are:

4 scrambled egg whites ~ for breakfast (14 g)

.5 cup cottage cheese ~ AM snack (14 g)

3 ounce ground lean turkey ~ lunch (24 g)

protein shake ~ PM Snack (24 g)

4 ounce flounder – broiled ~ dinner (27 g)


29 Oct

my friday personal training appointment kicked my butt. i arrived at the gym about 20 minutes early to do some cardio and ended up running on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. I asked my trainer earlier in the week how to improve my pace and she said to do interval training (run a little below pace, and then a little above pace.. alternate about every 2 minutes). That is exactly what I did. I ran between 4.6 and 5.7. I tired to push myself a little more and then slowed down when I started to get tired.

training involved leg and core work and man was it hard. I can definitely feel it today. I am having a hard time moving my entire body actually – as my arms are still hurting from my wednesday workout.

i did something different with my hair today! I did a side braid. It’s hard to do with my layering without random pieces sticking out, but I tried to stick those in to folds..

i started to feel really crappy when I got into work, and tried to eat my oatmeal right away. I think that helped. I started feeling better towards the afternoon. This chai tea definitely helped. mmm yummy.

we had a fire alarm go off at 2:30.. and I decided it was time to go home.. I know I am a slacker.. but I got some errands done, and missed the normal friday traffic mess. I enjoyed a delicious fun size kit kat bar while waiting at a light.

when i got home i relaxed in my bed and watched the new abc show ‘Once Upon A Time’. i thought it was okay, but i am willing to give it another chance.. as it seems they are still building the story line. i eventually made it to Wegmans and got groceries, including the ingredients to make these. I plan to make them later today. When I got back home and did some cleaning and then collapsed with hubs to watch ‘its a funny story’.. the movie was cute, different.

this morning Taj woke me up bright and early.. about 5:30.. my alarm was set for

I walked him in the yucky rain.. it’s freezing today and it’s supposed to snow here.. what..this means i can where my heavy down coat with the faux fur on the hood … right?

i hurried him back in and then quickly retreated back to my bed. I had to be ready by 7:30 to leave for class… boo… I had done some hw earlier in the week but decided to double check the class syllabus just to make sure i had done everything. that’s when i realized i had forgotten to answer some questions. i spent the next 30 minutes quickly throwing something together before jumping into the shower and then leaving.

my view in class….

did my alarm clock go off?

17 Oct

Its Monday, and at 6AM my butt was supposed to be in my kickboxing class. Instead I was just getting out of bed. I normally triple check my alarm clock the night before. I use my Iphone and many different things could have happened like me turning the alarm off, or the volume not being high enough. I don’t remember waking up and turning it off though and my 2nd alarm at 5:30 did wake me up. My backup – Taj also failed me! Taj, who normally will wake me up 10-15 minutes before my alarm even goes off, didn’t wake me up.. He was still snoring away when I realized I had missed my first alarm.

I was amped up this morning and wanted to do some kind of workout. I thought about a run.. but its so dark even at 6AM now.. and my neighborhood is questionable. So then I remembered I could access workouts from Excercise TV using On Demand. I looked through, I wanted a 30 minute workout. I decided on Jillians 30 day Shred Level 2. I had done the 30 day Shred before and have the DVD somewhere – but I must have only done Level 1. Level 2 required weights which I don’t think I have anymore. So I tried to use a band that I had but it wasn’t working out. So I stopped the workout and then found a random 10 minute Standing AB workout. I did that – but didn’t like it.

My first 5k is this Sunday, and I don’t know if I am going to be able to run the whole thing 8(. It makes me sad. I have tried to keep up with my training plan but things kept getting in the way. I am going to run as much of it as I can – I am just praying it is a flat course. In case I can’t complete it – which would suck.. I may try to sign up for another 5k before it gets too cold out. I will see if I can find one.

Today’s lunch – another black bean burrito! mmmm.

In the black bean mix today:
Frozen Sweet Corn
1 tsp olive oil

Over the weekend I bought a different type of the La Tortilla Factory tortillas.. I really wanted to try the Low Carb, High Fiber Tortillas by La Tortilla, and luckily the Safeway near me had them. These are supposed to be great for women, with less carbs, a ton of fiber, and protein. They taste pretty good too. I will be making enchiladas with these later this week and then I will be able to give a better review. So far I have made a quesadilla and a burrito and both were good.

More black beans please!

8 Oct

I recently rediscovered my love for black beans. Earlier this week I made quesadillas with a black bean mixture I made. I used the remaining mixture the following day and made a burrito for lunch.


In the black bean mixture:
1 tsp olive oil
green bell peppers
red bell peppers
1 garlic clove
1/2 jalepeno chopped
1 plum tomatoe chopped
1 can organic black beans

everything sauteed together.

I also added some reduced fat mild cheddar cheese.

For the tortilla I got the La Tortilla 100 Calorie Whole Wheat tortillas. THey are a little bigger than the kind I normally get, and they taste great.

This will definitely be a got meal for me.