About Pi

I am a 20 something… married to my highschool sweetheart, shopping enthusiast, lounger (lazy bum), procrastinator, lover, fat kid, wanna be world traveler, wanna be fabulous…

Pi was a nickname that started back in high school, and some of my closest friends still call me it.  When I was trying to come up with creative blog names, this stuck out in my mind.. and I decided to go with it.. I added ‘pieces of’  .. cuz its kinda like the song ‘pieces of me’ by ashley simpson.  I still love that song!  I also love her ‘Autobiography’ song.. I can so relate to the ‘got stains on my t-shirt’… well I mostly always end up with my clothes inside out.. and hubs still can’t understand why.  I guess I’m just lazy…

i started this blog, just like many others did.. to keep myself accountable.  I work full time and go to school part time at night.. so the time I have in a day if very minimal and many times I don’t have time to cook or feel like cooking.  When I first started school, I stopped working out.. and gained 10lbs in only a few months!  I spent most of 2011 trying to get the extra weight off and am finally making some progress.  I am working out more frequently (on schedule) and I am slowly making dietary changes.. I am not perfect and have no education on any of this stuff.. so don’t hold me to anything i post.. this is just stuff that I am doing on my own and that i think is working for me.

this blog tracks my journey to being a healthier and better me! ~enjoy


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