training hiccups

29 Jan

I haven’t post in at least 1 week, and mostly because I was sad!  2 weeks ago I went for a long run with my running buddies, and the next day my hip was hurting. It was more in my butt.. but whatever.  It hurt to even walk.  With an upcoming race, I was freaking out.  I know I wasn’t in top training shape, but I knew I could run this race.  

2 weeks later and I still have no idea what caused the pain.  I saw a general doctor and an orthopedic surgeon.  X-rays came back normal, and the pain for the most part has slowly dissipated.  So the medical advice I received was to continue running unless I felt pain, but that whatever the issue is should go away on its own.  Thanks DOC.. really scientific.  

So with my half marathon this upcoming weekend, the longest distance I’ve run in preparation is 8.5! And that was 2 weeks ago.. bah.  I ran 6 miles this past Sunday.  Felt good, no pain.  I plan on running another 5 tonight, before a cool down 3 on Thursday.

My goals for this race now, are just to finish.  Its flat, which is going to be a life saver.  My current plan is to run 6-4-3.  Stop in between and STRETCH.  If I’m feeling incredible on Sunday then maybe I’ll stray from plan, but here’s to hoping this plan even works.

None the less, i’m excited.  There’s always another race, and I already have the half planned in April.


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