running for a cause

18 Jan

I am raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society through the Team in Training program and will be running in DC’s Nike Women’s Half in April.  I need to raise $1800 for participation in the team in training program so I set a personal goal of raising $2000.  Check out my page here.

So why am I doing this?


I think a lot of people do this for the training you get from Team in training.  They provide coaches, mentors for participants, and team long runs.  And although I did run a 1/2 mary last year, I could still use some coaching.  I would like to improve my overall pace, and I am hoping training with this group will help me achieve this.

Making New Friends

I made some great friends running last year, but they all live north of me.  I don’t mind driving the 40 mins to meet with them, but no more than once a week.  I would like to find some more local friends to run with on a more consistant basis.

Good Cause

This is a great cause.  I actually looked into raising money for team in training a few years ago.  The amount of money they wanted me to raise though was intimidating and at that point running more than a mile terrified me.  So now that i’ve gotten over the running hump – I know I can do the distance, I definitely wanted to participate in the program.

Nike Marathon

So why the Nike Women’s half in DC?  Cuz i’ve heard great things about the NIke races, from the organization of the races, to the perks.

So now on to the biggest commitment of all this – the fundraising!

Fundraising $2000 is CRAZY – said DH.

But people do it all the time.. If they can do it, so can I right?  Well when I started in November of last year – I started by posting on Facebook thinking I’d get at least one hit.  I got NADA!

Then I started some email campaigns.  To my family distribution list, and then to my friends.  To date i’ve raised about 30% of my goal.

What’s worked so far:

  • Give me $5 email campaign..i sent emails asking friends and co-workers for just $5 and they always gave a little more.  Telling people to skip on their coffee for the day and instead donate that money to LLS…

And thats my only major success.

I am also planning a bake sale in front of a local gym, a brownie bake-off at work where I have volunteers baking brownies and competing for the best brownies.. co-workers will pay $3 to taste each brownie and then vote on their favorite, and a wine championship– similar to the brownie bake-off, but this time each participant will bring a bottle of wine and pay$10 entry fee.  The winner will get 1/2 of the entry fee, and the other half will go to my fundraising.

I wanted to get to 50% before the official season kick-off which happens 2/2, and that goal is insight!!

Feel free to checkout my fundraising page and maybe donate a few dollars 8).


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