its too cold to go out, so lets eat

16 Jan

its cold out.  so i like to stay inside which normally involves me staying in bed all day.  that is until i make my way in to the kitchen.  i decided to work from home today, which gives me tons of time for my meals.  So i decided to try a new pancake recipe.  When I went to visit my brother in Seattle last November we found this diner we absolutely loved.. we went there twice during my 4 day trip.  Both times I had the pancake special – one day they had ricotta pancakes and the 2nd time cottage cheese!  Who would have known that ricotta or cottage cheese would make amazing pancakes, but they do.. they make magical fluffy melt in your mouth pancakes.

I had some cottage cheese hanging out in the fridge.. i bought it thinking it was healthy and i’d eat it.. but the one day i tried i barely got through 1/2 my serving.  So I decided to try making a pancake this morning.  I had extra time so I figured if I failed, I could always whip up something else.

But it was amazing.  I only wish I had made more than 1.20130116-124553.jpg


I used this recipe from all recipes:

and just adjusted the servings to 1.  I was a bit skeptical since I wasn’t adding any vanilla or cinnamon.. I just didn’t think it would be sweet.  I drilled the pancake with a little bit of maple syrup.

Then i got back in my BED.

For lunch I decided on some spinach quesadillas.  But I also had an avocado, so I made some quick guacamole and had that with chips.

Then I had my quesadilla, for which I followed this recipe:

and I only used 1/2 tbs of oil.  This was my 2nd time making them and they were again delicious.

And then because I hadn’t already eaten enough, I got a little bowl of ice cream topped with mini chocolate chips.

I am telling you the cold weather is a problem for me, I had to remove myself from the kitchen to stop eating.

Now I am back in my bed, enjoying a hot cup of tea.


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