Pearly whites

14 Jan

I need to take a minute to thank my mom for my pearly whites. I don’t like to admit this, but I don’t take the best care of my teeth. As in I hardly floss, and I should probably brush more often. But I went to the dentist today for my 6month cleaning appt, and no issues.

The dentist said everything looked great, and probably because I have good enamel. Well thats awesome. Thanks mom 8).


For dinner tonight, I got some pre-made crab cakes from Wegmans.. These are a favorite for us, and an uber easy meal. Of course I tried to add some veggies to round out the meal. I roasted some brussel sprouts (for me), potatoes, and sweet potatoes (again for me). The sweet potatoes are more so for snacks this week.


MMm nice and colorful.

I still have a ton of regular potatoes left over after dinner, and I already plan on enjoying them with some ketchup and scrambled eggs in the near future..YES!

So did you guys know that JT (Justin Timberlake) was coming out with a new song?? And have you heard it? It’s called Suit and Tie.

I was super excited.. cuz well its Justin, but the song was so so for me.


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