goodbye Edison!

12 Jan

Do you watch Scandal? If you don’t you should start now. This show is great. I even got hubby into it. The show is on its 2nd season, Hubby and I watched the full first season the week before Christmas, and kept watching back to back till we got caught up.

My favorite part of the show is the forbidden love between President Fitz and Olivia. What is it about forbidden love?
scandal 2
I mean look at them! OoO it melts my heart.

Well I finally watched this past weeks episode and the Olivia finally said goodbye to Edison. FINALLY, I mean they weren’t together that long, but he was getting in the way and I didn’t like his arrogance. So goodbye Edison, I hope I don’t see you as much on the show anymore.
scandal 1

Enough of that.

Today I met up with some friends for a long morning run. My friend Katie and I had planned 8.5 miles. We are both running the 1/2 in Cali in a few weeks and are running out of training time. So we thought 8.5 this week and then 10 next week before a final long run of 8.

10 miles is the most I ran before the Baltimore half, so I feel that is a good distance before this next race. Today’s run was hilly? And my legs were not happy. Serves me right for not running all week! I did 3 dreaded treadmill miles on Thursday – but that wasn’t nearly enough.

Winter training sucks! I am trying to figure out ways to get an outside run in while its light out. I definitely will work something out for next week. My plan is to get 15 miles in before the 10 on Saturday.

We have strangely warm weather today in DC, but it was still in the 40’s, so I wore my UA coldgear top and some new brooks running tights but I was overdressed and super warm after the first few miles. I am still trying to figure out what I will wear in Cali. It looks like the weather will be in the 40’s in the morning so if it’s like today, I know to wear layers that I can peal off.

Hubby and I are headed to Shake Shack later. He loves that place, but I know its horrible for you so we only go every once in awhile. He wanted to go soon, and I told him well I guess I can go today since I am planning for an 8.5 mile run 8).. I’ll feel better about stuffing my face.


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