Another race

21 Apr

5th race done! Today I ran in the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore with a good friend. As always I was nervous even though I ran 5 miles last Saturday. The race was completely doable. The weather was gorgeous- but not great weather for running. At the start – 9am. It was 66 degrees. I had a tank on and could already feel my shoulders burning. Maria and I tried to stay together the whole time and really motivated each other to keep going. The course was brutal! The last three miles were hills-One hill after the other. I kept thinking this has to be the last one but it wasn’t. So the first three miles were a breeze, but I wanted to give up after that. Maria who runs these hills often- she actually lives along the route- she killed them. I was very impressed. I let her go forward but tried to keep her in sight.
The first water station should have been rethought. It was in a tight corner and we had to plow our way through. The 2nd station was around mile 4. I quickly grabbed some trying not to stop but to drink it I had to stop. I walked and drank for a few seconds. Then we were off again.
The final hill before the finish was horrible. Steep and long. Slowly but surely I got up there. The finish line was in sight and I gunned it. Maria and I finished within seconds of each other.

Official time: 1:08:07



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