burning out

12 Apr

with school starting back up, and my bootcamp classes in the early morning I have been exhausted!  If you remember last year – i had this same schedule – basically running around for 18 hours straight, and i don’t remember feeling this way.  bootcamp classes started last week and I scheduled them the same day as my evening MBA classes.  Yes it makes my day hella long, but there is no way i could wake up the morning after class and do bootcamp – normally I don’t get to bed before midnight on those days. and i love bootcamp – don’t want to give that up.

So yesterday i was exhausted, ran 5k when i got home, ate something random and then passed out at about 9:30 – thinking that would give me enough sleep to wake up in time for bootcamp.. apparently it didnt. my body wanted more sleep and I must have turned my alarm off, because my furbaby woke me up at 6AM.. when bootcamp starts!!! and passed my normal wake up time for a regular day.  so I was already late for getting ready and getting into the city- but i rushed and still got in on time.

Another thing I did last week was cancelled my monthly parking pass at the city garage.  The garage costs me about $135 a month pretax.. and there are streets I can park on if I get in before 8AM .. therefore I strive to leave my house by 6:45 to get into the city by 7:30.  I am hoping to not get another parking pass till the winter months when the days get shorter – because lets face it, the city isn’t extremely friendly.  but this will save me an extra 1k for the year – sweet.. can we say shopping spree.

So with all these factors- i think I am taking too much on.. which I’m sad to say.  So what do I plan on doing about it – absolutely nothing!  I WANT to do all these things, therefore I will have to figure out how they will all fit in my schedule and make sure I am getting enough sleep – yes I still need to take care of myself.



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