cherry blossom recap

10 Apr

i loved everything about this race.  The course was flat, the weather was perfect.  I did have to wait in line at the portapotty for about 40 minutes, but I made it to the start line in the knick of time.  i was definitely nervous, but i eventually forgot about the distance.  i had some random knee pain at around mile 6, but quickly dismissed it after mile 7.  I was so CLOSE.  I finished in about 1:55.  Not too bad, and I definitely hit my goal of under 2 hours.  I think i could have done better, after all I did have enough strength in the end to sprint to the finish line.  So next year.. my goal is at least 10 minutes faster if not more, that shaves off a minute per mile.

Below are some official race photos..

This first one is perfect.. I am actually looking and waving.  The next one, not so much.  I look like I am in physical pain.

So whats next.  Well my original goal was a 1/2 marathon, but I really would want to do that with someone else.  I have some friends doing the Baltimore FULL marathon in October – that totally freaks me out, and I always thought it was crazy to do one.. but these people are really convincing.  I plan on signing up for something soon, so I am thinking about both the 1/2 and FULL as an option, still leaning more towards the 1/2.


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