crustless pie

26 Mar

I had a great 4-day weekend.  My spring break was coming to an end, so I decided to take a couple of days off of work to get some errands done.  I did some much-needed things – like finally getting new tires on my car, and getting a prescription for my glasses.. I am going to try contacts but they want me to attend a class on how to use them.. lame.. I am not a little kid.  But I am sure I will need the instruction.

There were a ton of things on the list that didn’t get done.. I am hoping those will get done in the near future.. but I won’t hold my breath.  I did however complete my scheduled runs, as well as make some crustless pie.  The pie was made from leftover sweet potato pie filling I had from last week.  I love that its crustless cuz it saves on calories!

In other news – my race is SUNDAY!  I can’t believe it’s finally here.  And can I tell you – I am super excited.  I now know my 8 miles last week wasn’t a fluke – as I redid the same run yesterday.  I definitely feel like I can complete the 10 miles.  I have a goal of finishing under 2 hours.  The only sad thing is the Cherry Blossoms won’t be in attendance this year.  It’s the freakin Cherry Blossom 10-miler, but unfortunatly due to all this wonderful weather the Blossoms bloomed early.  I am hoping the race won’t be too boring due to this. 

My running schedule for the week – the training guide only recommends running Tuesday and Thursday this week, but I feel like my legs are really heavy if I haven’t run the previous day so I plan to do a short run on Saturday too.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 4

Wednesday – 3mile walk with Taj?

Thursday – 5

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 2/3

Sunday – RACE DAY


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