my poor boobies!

21 Mar

I am about to share tmi. since my 8 mile run on Sunday I have had some issues. I noticed chaffing on one of my boobs! And lets not talk about how sensitive they have been to touch. I read online to apply vaseline to the spot before and after the run to prevent further chaffing. I was wearing my favorite sports bra on sunday! How did this happen. Through my research I found if clothing is loose or cotton that is normally when one experiences chaffing. And therefore I am stumped, because the bra is a very good fit and its not cotton! I blame it on the distance. I also have felt a small pain in my side which I attributed to gas. I know – tmi. Well on today’s run I felt extremely gassy, but the pain/ weird feeling is all gone! which makes me think I shoulda run yesterday.. Anyways enough about that.

Remember, I had a pain in my left leg. I didn’t feel the twinge so much throughout my day, and even tried to run in place real quick to see if I could run today. I decided to take a chance and go at least 1 mile. My body felt so tired today, and my calves weren’t happy. But I didn’t feel the twinge.. and ran 4 SLOW miles.. – avg pace 11:40.. finishing a few minutes slower than I normally do.

Todays eats, o and Taji begging:

My lunch was peppers with dry daal. pretty good.. Thanks MOM.
Protein shake for dinna! I added cinnamon today.. YUM!
I got these from Wegmans! They looked yum and nutritious.. take a look below at the nutritional info.

THe burger was YUMMY.. with some asparagus on the side. I would say this dinner was a winner.
And of course Taji waiting for something to fall, or for me to feel bad and sneak him some food.


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