i’ll have that with a side of queso

19 Mar

yesterday was a Mexican food filled day.  For lunch I made fajitas – which hubs was not too jazzed about.  I had sirloin strips I purchased from Wegmans and I wanted to use them before they expired!  After seasoning the strips I sauteed them with some peppers and onions and threw them on some tortillas with some cheese.. Yummy in MY tummy.. I do think I overcooked the meat though.

Hubby seemed to be having a craving for Qdoba, so I told him we could go there for dinner.  I enjoyed a small tortilla soup with no meat, and a mini quesadilla.   I love Mexican food, so I didn’t mind having some more for dinner.  After dinner, we walked around the shopping center we were in, and discovered  a new burger place – Timothy Dean’s Burgers – apparently the chef was on one of the popular cooking shows.  The pics of the burgers looked tasty – so we will definitely be back to try it.

I woke up this morning not as sore as I thought i’d be.  I can feel that weird twinge in the back of my left leg though. I am hoping it goes away on its own – by tomorrow!  I will do some stretching later tonight.. boo.  My co-worker told me I should be careful with it, and I know shes right.

My schedule this week:

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – easy 3 miles

Wednesday – easy 4 or 5

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5-8

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 7-9

This week is supposed to be tapering off.. but since I was a week behind in the training plan.. I may just stick to what is prescribed – even though it’s a repeat of my training last week.

I forgot to add to my post yesterday – but my mid-run fuel was raisins for my long run and I think they worked out great.  I didn’t have to stop to retrieve them or even eat them.. the only problem is they kinda stick to the box, but with a few hard pops on my palm I was able to get some out – or grab them out.  I am not running fast, so I am able to do some of that stuff.  I also slowed my pace down a bit yesterday to ensure I could get through the whole 8 miles.  My average pace was closer to 12minutes than my normal ~ 11 minutes.  So I ended up finishing 8 miles in 1:35.. not too bad.  I would have liked to have finished in 1:30.. but i’ll aim for that race day!


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