lose yourself in the music

18 Mar

Today started out with my 8 mile run. My whole body hurt this morning – probably from Kickboxing Friday and my run yesterday. I drove over to my moms house – nervous about the distance I was about to try. I wasn’t excited at all. As I started my run I got nervous yet again as I could feel a small twinge in the back of my left knee. I told myself to get through the first mile and then see how I felt. My first mile felt great minus the small twinge in my leg. Once I circled back around my first loop I stopped really quick to remove a layer and stretch out my left leg. After a quick stretch I was off and didn’t stop again till I hit 8 miles! My 5th mile felt hard. I began feeling short of breath. I pushed through though and by mile 7 I was feeling great. Mile 8 was harder than I expected but I finished!!! As soon as I stopped I could feel every inch of my body in pain. I walked it out for about 15 minutes before stretching.

I was on my feet for the rest of the day. I got to spend some time with one of my besties. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I just wanted to be outside. But now my body just feels tired and I’m finally relaxing in bed! Can’t wait to see how sore I am tomorrow!


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