five miles ain’t so bad

17 Mar

Today was a crazy day. I had 4-5 miles scheduled for this morning. I had to get my butt into gear fast. I had to be somewhere by 11. I started my run at about 9:30 after downing two slices of toast with peanut butter and banana slices. At the start of my run I figured I would just run 4 miles. I was running around fedex field again and if you remember I had mentioned the area was hilly. Well there’s one specific hill I had a goal of conquering.
Before I even hit the first mile my phone started ringing. I ignored the first call but then my phone started ringing again I assumed it was my brother and debated stopping to talk to him. I answered the phone while running – it was my brother. We had a quick convo and I finished out my first mile talking to him! I’m glad I didn’t stop. I felt like I had a ton of energy this morning! And then the hill came! It wasn’t as steep as I remembered and I made it up and to the other side of it – no problem.
Then came mile 5. I felt great- like I could keep going, but I had somewhere to be. I quickly stretched and ran to my next destination! 8 miles tomorrow!!



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