16 Mar

My fur baby is so oblivious to the pain he causes me sometimes. As we headed out of our garage for our evening walk last night, something caught his eye – and he went gunning for it – with me still holding onto his leash! Everything would have been fine had I been paying attention, but we were still walking out of the garage, I wasn’t paying any attention. I rammed into the side of the garage cutting two of my fingers and giving myself a pretty bruise on my left arm. Thanks TAJ! Thank you for your concern. Taj didn’t get to frolic like he normally does due to this incident. He was punished with a short walk to do his business.

In other exciting news – my race is coming up in like 2 weeks. The Cherry Blossom New Balance training Progam notified me ( i get an email everyday with what I should be doing) that this weekend’s training will be my last long run before the race! OMG.. I haven’t even really gotten past 6 miles! On Wednesday I was able to half-ass 7 miles. I had planned on running later in the evening due to this heat wave the DMV area has been experiencing. I headed to mom’s house to run around the lake in her neighborhood. I started at 6:20, and even then it was HOTT.. i started out and actually planned to stop and grab water after 1.5 miles.. My mom was planning on going for a walk so I was hoping to catch her on her way out of the house, but as I rounded the corner near her house, I saw her already outside – so I kept going.. with my throat PARCHED! I got to 2 miles and just about gave up. I walked for a few minutes, and was ready to just call it an evening – maybe even finish out walking with my mom. I spotted her as she ran towards me! My mother was running.. so I felt I should run too. I did another .5 miles.. stopped to see where she was at, and then just decided to keep on running. I stopped again around mile 4, and then again after mile 5. But eventually just finished out after mile 7. That was a workout! After I got to mile 5, I figured I might as well finish. That was the first time I had run around the same loop over and over again. It actually wasn’t that bad, and was at least safe since I was running in the dark. There were a ton of people out too so it wasn’t as boring as running around a track. I finished in 1:24.. not toooo bad considering, but I am hoping to better on my next try. Saturday I hope to do 4-6 and Sunday will be 7-8!

Have a great weekend!


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