shots in class and other happenings

13 Mar

I’ve been meaning to post for the last couple of days and it just hasn’t happened. So today I plan to make up for missing posts since Friday.

My Thursday evening class included shots and cupcakes!
2 things which I love.
A group invented 4 new shots for a local bar to attract women.. and we got to try them all.. other group presentations involved cupcakes, including my groups.



Besides the Thursday evening fun, my Friday and Saturday were pretty uneventful. Hubs was sick AGAIN! This is like the 2nd time in 3 weeks This time we think it was the flu. His mama talked some sense into him, and now he’s taking vitamins, plans on getting active again, and even going to the drs. for a physical. I have told him again and again to do those things, but of course he doesn’t listen to me. At least he plans on listening to his mom – for the time being.

Sunday though I had my second race of the year! It was the St. Pattys Day 8k in DC. This was a fun race, and fairly flat! I ran it with one of my good friends – Candi. She’s also running the 10miler with me in a few weeks.


We headed for DC bright and early Sunday morning ~about 6:45 and found parking close to the start line on Pennsylvania Ave.  It was only about 7:15 with the race not starting till 9.  We knew this would happen and had planned to get breakfast at the Corner Bakery.. which on Sunday’s apparently doesn’t open till 8AM.. What.. the only thing open was McDonalds – of course.

We both ordered there fruit and maple oatmeal.  I got a hot chocolate to sip on – but didn’t finish it.


At about 8, we did head over to the Corner Bakery and split a blueberry bagel.  I spread peanut butter on mine.  By 8:30 we were headed over to the start line. It was a cold morning.. with the high for the day being in the low 60’s.. but the temps weren’t even close to that when we got to the start line.  We headed to the 11minute corral and patiently waited for the race to start.  The official start time was 9AM, but due to our corral, we probably didn’t start till 10 minutes after.  Below are my official race times.  I think I stayed at a pretty even pace, and even beat my 5k time!


5K  33:26

8K  53:53

Pace 10:51

The first 4 miles weren’t too bad, but my legs and feet felt like jelly in mile 5. I regained some strength as I neared the finish line and gunned it at the very end. The race was a great pre-run before the Cherry Blossom 10miler which is in 3 weeks! OMG. I am slightly worried as I felt so fatigued near the end of the 8k. So I am planning on kicking my training up this week. I am really hoping to get into the 7-8 mile range this week.

Last nights dinner.


Baked salmon, some creamy shells, steamed brussel sprouts and broccoli.. yums.. and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

Workout plan for the week:
Monday – 3 mile walk with Taji
Tuesday – 5miles
Wednesday – 6-7miles
Thursday – 4 miles
Friday – Kickboxing
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 7-8 miles


pic from yesterdays walk around fedex field with my furbaby (not pictured – he was too busy being his crazy self).


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