getting back on the training wagon

5 Mar

My race is coming up in less than 1 month!  I am both excited and nervous.  Nervous mostly because my I haven’t been able to keep up with my training because I was sick last week.  I am trying to get back into the groove.  Yesterday should have been an 8 miler, but I downgraded and planned a 7 miler, but then only actually finished 6.  My feet felt like jelly, and I had had enough.  Though, I do think I could have finished 7 if I had pushed myself a little more.  So with my 3 weeks left before the 10 miler, my goal is to get up to at least 8 miles in training.  I also have been thinking about breaking the race into segments, 5-3-2.  I can’t run and drink water, so I’ll plan to stop – drink water, and walk for a few seconds after each of these segments.  With an overall goal to finish in under 2 hours.

Plans for this week.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 4 easy

Wednesday – 5 speed workout

Thursday – 4 easy

Friday –  Kickboxing

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 5 St. pattys Day race.

Monday – 7-8 (my long run day since i am running in the race on Sunday)

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