A week hiatus.

1 Mar

I wish I had some fantastic story to tell you like I’ve been on some wonderful journey and that was the reason for my hiatus from blogging, running and life in general, but I was just sick. And in bed for the better part of the week. But my 10 miler is in 1 month! I knew today had to be the day I got back into my groove. Did I tell you I’ve also been eating like crap. O yes. Last night I stuffed three slices of pizza into my tummy. Probably not the best choice while still recovering from my sniffles. I thought being sick meant you had no appetite. While I wouldn’t say I had been hungry I felt like I was eating everything in site. Especially sugar! I couldn’t get enough of it.
Today I got my eating back in order and finally got a run in. After a week I was a little worried. I had 4-6 easy miles scheduled for today and completed the 4. 6 just doesn’t come easy to me yet. I completed my run with some yummy chocolate milk as recommended 8).



And now I’m rushing to class. Meh.


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