monday blues

13 Feb

My weekend was packed.. with little to no time for rest! I had 2 papers due for my Saturday class, and of course I waited till the last minute to finish them.. I work up early Saturday before class to do some last minute touches.. which took me a while.. long than I thought it would. class was all day.. with the final speaker presentation lasting 2 hours.. OMG how and why are you still talking was all I could think.

Later that night I went out to dinner for a friends bday.. I was exhausted, but it was fun.. Sunday I wanted to sleep in, but of course Taj didn’t.. The one thing I do like about Taj waking me up, is even though i feel exhausted when he does wake me up, I feel very awake after our walk. When we came back in, I started cleaning like crazy. Then it was off to see my dad and mom.. another long day.. and I still had to run 5 miles!

I was worried since this was another treadmill run, but i told myself I could do it.. and I did.. I started running close to 7.. and finished at about 8.. have I told you how much I hate the treadmill! I stopped after 3.5 miles for some water.. for some reason I can’t run and drink water, so I am sure during the actual race, i’ll have to pull over to the side and walk when I need some.

My first 8k is coming up in about a month! That should be a good race, and good prep for the cherry blossom! Speaking of the cherry blossom race, this weeks training plan is out! Sunday is going to be interesting:

Monday – Rest (yes! I wanted to go to kickboxing this morning, but I couldn’t get out of bed, I don’t even remember my alarm going off).. Maybe I’ll do some abs and jump rope tonight.

Tuesday – 4m

Wednesday – kickboxing in AM + 4m with 3 miles of intervals

Thursday – 4m

Friday – rest/ maybe a hike

Saturday – 4m outside (hopefully the weather cooperates)

Sunday – 6m outside

Today I feel like im dragging… pics from today’s lunch:


I walked with a co-worker to potbelly and picked up this pack of 2 cookies.. I only ate one.. the other is hiding in my desk drawer.. it was pretty yummy.


on our way back to the office, we ran into this Southwest crew who was marketing/ celebrating Southwests new terminal in Atlanta.. they gave me a 20% coupon for a future trip.. Sweet.


Lunch consisted of a plain chobani, cucumbers with a squirt a lime and some salt, as well as a vegetable and tempeh mix my mom made for me.. supper yums.

I need to watch my mom next time she cooks something like this.  It seemed super oily, but she assured me she doesn’t use very much.

Eh.. time to get some work done, maybe I can sneak out a little early.. Hubby and I are celebrating v-day tonight since I will be in class tomorrow.


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