1st race of the year

6 Feb

I completed my first race of the year! With an average pace just under 11minutes. It was the Penguins Pace 5k held in Columbia, MD. I had no idea what to expect or even what the route looked like, which made me nervous. Maybe it’s better I didn’t know.. on my way out towards the start line I heard someone mention one big hill. The course was setup so we looped around. I tried to pay close attention to the route as I made my first way through so I could prepare myself at the end. The large hill I heard someone mention came right at the beginning.. luckily we ran down hill in the first mile. The first 2 miles were fine, with lots of hills mixed in between, but nothing as extensive as the one I encountered during the first mile. I tried to prepare myself as I got closer. Once I reached the hill, I started to get worried, it was huge, and steep! My calves started to burn, but I pushed through and made it to the top. I had to catch my breath for about 30 seconds (which I was kind of bummed about, but I was proud I made it up the hill). The rest of the race wasn’t too bad and I finished with an official time of 34:18! That’s almost 3 minutes faster than my first 5k I completed about 5 months ago in October.

The race was really well organized, they even had snacks at the end including some yummy pastries. The course ran through a neighborhood which was fine (other than the hills), but at one point I had to slow down due to cars turning at a light.. whomp.. I got a cute t-shirt with a penguin on it also, so all in all it was a good race, not as fun as the Komen, but I would do it again, more so to concur that hill.


Goals for this week – 2o miles

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3m (treadmill)

Wednesday – 4m + weights

Thursday – 4m (treadmill)

Friday – 4m (outside?)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 5m


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