new stuff in my diet

27 Jan

I am trying to incorporate some new stuff into my diet.. heres what I ordered this week: Wheat Germ, and Chia Seeds.  I also got some Coconut Oil
.. which is actually pretty high in fat.  So I am surprised people use it for cooking, but it does have some good health benefits, not sure if the fat outways those though.  I figure if I’m not a big fan, I can always use it in my hair 8).. My mom used to massage coconut oil into my air when I was a kid, it always made it really soft.

I also want to try: ground flax, buckwheat flower, and brown rice flour.. this stuff isn’t cheap though so i’ll wait.  This stuff is used in most of the dessert or breakfast recipes that i’ve tagged on the ‘Recipes I must Try’ portion of my blog.. and those are two of my favorite meal categories!

Last week I bought almond unsweetened milk and fell in love.. It has fat in it, but is lower in calories, carbs, and sugar than skim milk.. it is also lower in protein which is blah.. but if you are looking to add milk to a protein shake or something, this is probably your best bet, without adding all the carbs.


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