chinese craving satisfied!

24 Jan

today at work we had a huge buffet chinese luncheon.. So much food. I was good during lunch and filled a plate with a bit of everything.. but there is still food leftover, and I just grabbed a cup of noodles, and sauteed broccoli.. soo good, yet soo bad.. (calorie counts are def out the window today) and I had been have a Chinese food craving for several days now.

For dinner, i have quinoa, chobani, and cucumbers.. so much healthier.. so im just going to call today a wash..

Yesterday turned out really good.. instead of enchiladas for dinner, we went with Wednesday’s nights meal of tilapia for me, salmon for hubs.. I followed this recipe for mine. it was super yummy. I also made my own version of “healthy” cheesy pasta, with farfalle pasta, 1 tbs I can’t believe it’s not butter, and a handful of mozzarella cheese.. I tossed it all together and that was also yummy.

In the end I managed to stay under my carb/fat limits. and got over 100g of protein.. score. I didn’t even end up eating my dessert because I started to feel nauseous, but thats a whole different story..and no I’m not pregnant.. It has something to do with inhaling my food after I workout, or protein in my diet.. I’m not sure.. but I am going to try an record this so I can figure out exactly what it is.


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