another semester starts

23 Jan

this week marks the start of my 2nd spring semester.. whomp whomp.. so not excited.  I have 3 days of classes this week and the thought of that is really putting a damper on my monday.  and my weekend was full of procrastination.. the only thing I really did was workout.  I took a spin class Saturday morning, I think I like it better this time around, except my bootie is still sore from the seat 8(.. and yesterday I met a friend for a run in DC.. it was freezing cold, but still a good time, and we are planning on meeting weekly now.

Last week I talked about some food goals my trainer had set for me, well this week my goal is to meet those as best I can (140g carbs, 140g protein, 32 g fat).  Carbs are going to be the hardest for me.

This morning I cut up onions, tomatoes, and jalepenos to make quick egg-white omelets in the morning.

I also sliced up a cucumber to snack on this week… it may not last me the whole week, but its a start.

My 10-miler is coming up, and to today marked the start of the free training program they offer, I am so excited to start their plan.  I signed up for both the intermediate and beginners programs, because I felt based on the explanations provided for each, that I fell somewhere in the middle.  So now I have something else to base my running on.

Schedule for some of the week (workout, breakfast, lunch, dinner, totals)

Monday – 3 miles (treadmill blah)

3 egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, salt, pepper, on everything bagel thin, with I can’t believe its not butter spread, and 1/2 glass skim

aloo mutter (made by mom), 1 roti, 1 plain chobani, 1/2 cup raw cucumber

snack: citrine

dinner: 2 cheese enchiladas + 1/2 skinny cow ice cream sandwhich

Totals: 1221 calories, 26g Fat, 176g carbs, 114g protein

Tuesday (class) – 3/4 miles in them morning

3 egg white scramble on everything bagel thin

Same as monday

mom’s quinoa

Wednesday – weights, machine?

old fashioned oats, banana, vanilla protein




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