week check-in

19 Jan

On Tuesday I met my friend after work to do a training run.. My goal was 3miles.. but we ended up walking most of it.. my friend is still in her initial training. so that’s okay.  It was still fun.  For dinner, i stayed to plan and made hubby a shrimp quesadilla, while I ate leftover pork tenderloin, with cousous and asparagus.. i sprinkled some hot sauce on top.. yum.

Wednesday I worked out with my traininer.. I ate a lot all day.. and got home to work on a paper to finish out my winter class.. I was starving when I finished, and was going to whip up a small sandwhich, but saw I still had naan in the fridge, and decided to serve up naan pizzas.. hubby was very pleased.  The plan was to make coconut curry shrimp, but I realized on tuesday when I was making the quesadillas I may not have enough shrimp!  So that will be moved to next week.

Thursday plans.. I still want to eat everything!  We are celebrating a co-worker today who just got married, and of course there will be cake.. yum.. and boo at the same time. I will have a small piece.  It will be my afternoon snack.. yum

Awhile ago I blogged about my trainers nutrition plan for me which included the following restrictions:

Fat: 32 grams

carb: 140 grams

protein: 140 grams


I track my meals on mynetdiary app on my iphone.. but i have a hard time sticking to the above.  I also haven’t made a concious effort to do so.

My biggest problem is the carbs.. I heart them.

Do you know any delicious low-carb or better yet carb-free recipes I can try?


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