healthy meals and race schedule

6 Jan

Last nights dinner was healthY.. with a capital Y…

I wanted to make grilled stuffed chicken breasts, and had found a couple of recipes online.. i took a combination of those and created this:

This was mine.. hubbys came out a little bit better.. as you can see most of my stuffings ended up outside, but it was still pretty yummy.

roasted tomatoes
sauted red onion
goat cheese

Afterwards I wanted to reward myself for my healthy dinner so I ate 1 chocolate chip cookie with 1/2 cup skim.

I haven’t brought lunch to work all week and therefore have been eating out.. but last night I finally went to the grocery store and picked up some fixings for a delicious sandwhich:

whole wheat bagel thin
some butter.. because I forgot mayo at home.. but only a little
1 slice pepper jack cheese
1 slice honey roasted turkey
slices cucumber, tomatoe, red onion, sweet peppers

I also have a side of grapes, plain chobani, and of course another choco chip cookie!!

2012 Race Schedule ~ so far (I will def be adding more)
Penguins Pace 5k – 2/5/2012
St. Pattys Day 8k – 3/11/2012
Cherry Blossom 10miler – 4/1/2012
Sole of Baltimore 10k – 4/21/2012

That should keep me busy for the beginning of this year!


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