Its a new year!

3 Jan

Can you believe its already 2012?  2011 flew right by me.  Winter this year has been very mild also, so on NYE when it was a warm 55 degrees.. I was slightly confused.. its about 30 and snowing today so I guess it is winter after all.  Today is also my first day back at work.. boo.. but at least its a short work week.

So lets talk resolutions…

So yea I’d like to think that I have no changes to make in my life, but as I get older I find more ways I’d like to improve myself.  I read something last year that said you should make specfic goals in 4 different areas: personal, professional, financial, and health/fitness.  As simple as this is, I had never thought about categorizing my goals, and therefore I came up with a few generic things like.. lose weight, save money.

I also put together my 101 in 1001 last year.  Which I still plan to continue.. but I look at that as a revolving plan.  Our lives change, sometimes day to day, and so I think some goals I came up with in 2011, may just not make sense anymore.

My 2012 goal list:

do something I actually like(maybe even love)
  • My company is currently going through a transition.. making my job kinda crappy.. therefore I would like to make a job change either in the same company or a different.
  • Complete my MBA.. now this is semi-depenedent on the company I work for.  Currently I rely on tution reimbursement to help me pay for school.. so as long as that doesn’t change, then I can finish this year.
cherish my loved ones
  • Tell and show hubs how much I love him everyday
  • Send Sam a letter every other week/ postagram (sent my first letter of the year today!)
  • Send Sam at least one package a month
  • Stop biting my nails ( annoying childhood habit that I randomly restarted a year ago)
  • blog more often.. I want to blog, and I always plan on doing it, but then I get sidetracked.
Save $$$, put more into savings, stop spending carelessly
  • I have a shopping problem.. in 2012.. my goal is to only buy 1 clothing piece a month.. I don’t care what it is.. now no I wont by one underwear.. but my goal with this is to buy one nice article.  I don’t need a ton of clothes, but I want to start buying more pieces that are good quality, instead of a lot of things that arent so good in quality.
  • cut back on the grocery bill – how i manage to spend so much money on groceries.. i don’t know, but it needs to stop!
Nutrition/ Fitness
umm be awesome
  • run, run, and more running.. do 2 races a quarter this year.  I am already signed up for 1 in February and 2 in April
  • Cook at home more and eat out less.. Find some more key staple recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.
  • Try 1 new recipe a month
  • Run a 1/2 marathon

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