only 2 finals standing in my way

15 Dec

only 16 days left in the year!  december flew by super fast, and this weekend is just the beginning of the holiday celebrations.  I have 2 finals standing in my way (1 due sunday, and 1 due tuesday? maybe).  but i have some stuff working in my favor:

1. my finals are online so i can take them whenever (i guess this could also be a bad thing)

2. im pretty much finished with my work for the rest of the year, so i am working from home tomorrow to hopefully knock out 1 exam

things not working in my favor:

1. all the food and sugar around me (i’d rather be eating or baking something)

2. procrastination

tonight i am attending a study session for one of my exams.. i am hoping this will better prepare me to take at least one of the exams.

what i am looking forward to this weekend:

friday – run 3.5 miles, a final at some point.. dinner with the hubs (stuffing my face)

saturday – brunch with one of our favorite couples and there 1 year old.. I got him an awesome present!  I think its awesome – i’d want one. run (4 miles), holiday party at my friends later that night.

sunday – run 4.5? bday brunch for my friend – maybe a final

monday – finish a final? rest? run x.x? birthday happy hour for my girlfriend

wish me luck.  O I am also on the quest for the perfect gym bag.  I am currently eyeing this one from REI.

I have a bunch of crap when i got to the gym, and then all my dirty clothes, shoes when i leave.. so i need a bag that can hold all that.. currently i use a tote which works.. but isn’t that great..

Do you have a bag recommendation for me?


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