lucky at 28

12 Dec

I’ve only been 28 for about a week, but it’s already been pretty awesome.  Today I found out I won a treadmill!  My company sponsored a walkingspree challenge where they gave you a pedometer and a way to upload your weekly steps.  If you met 10,000 steps a day ( i think it was 10,000) for a set amount of days in a week you would get raffle tickets.  Every week your tickets would add up.  Now I honestly lost my pedometer on the first day.  Don’t ask me how, but it happened.  I then stole my co-workers pedometer, because it was still sitting on his desk in the box after the competition had started, and he didn’t say anything as he watched me take it.  So anyways.. continuing down my path of honesty.. I didn’t use my pedometer all the time.. I even stopped using it when I got my up-band, which was halfway through the competition.. but I guess what I did submit gave me enough raffle tickets to win!  I found out this morning and at first I was like well where am I gonna put this thing… and secondly I don’t even like the treadmill.  But guess what I am going to learn to love this thing.  It comes in 10 days and I am pretty excited, i think its this one!

The luck continues because my group and I got selected for the Cherry Blossom 1o miler.

O and I ran 4 miles yesterday!  Well actually a little more than 4.. I forgot to turn my Nike+ app on and when I didn’t hear “1 mile completed” when it should have been.. I checked and of course it was off, so I quickly turned it on.  I was worried, I didn’t even feel like running anymore.  As you know I had a plan for the day, and the plan was group meeting for school, meet my mom – go for run, and then eat lunch at my mom’s.. but my plan got delayed.. and I got to my mom’s later than expected.  We had to be somewhere at 2PM.. so I ate lunch.. we went to the appt at 2, ran an errand, and where back home at 3PM.. It gets dark by lk 445.. so I wanted to start by 330. the problem wasn’t the timing.. it was I had stuffed my face during lunch and 3 hours later i  could still feel the food in my tummy!  but my mom.. who likes to be active was ready to go.. so we went.. and i felt really good.  I think i could have even done 5!  Which is exciting cuz even though i said my goal for the end of the year was 4, I was truly hoping I could run 5 by New years.. and i feel like i can!  now if only it wasn’t so freaking cold out!  but i guess that can no longer be an excuse since I will now have my very own treadmill.


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