new challenge – 10 miles

10 Dec

myself and some of my favorite ladies registered in the 2012 Cherry Blossom 10-miler lottery. We signed up as a team.. and I came up with the name.. We’ll Wine Later!.. I don’t know how I even came up with it.. i was thinking something like will run for margaritas or chocolate.. and then it just came to me. We won’t know till monday if we got into the race or not.. but i’m crossing my fingers. One of my friends isn’t able to run that day.. so I may also sign up for the Iron Girl half marathon.. I was thinking I would do a 1/2 later in the year.. but hey.. if i can get to 10 miles – which i think i can… then i can do 13.1 right?

well anways i ran 3.5 yesterday.. and I felt like i could definitely do another .5 and get to 4.. but when my Nike+ tells me i’ve reached my goal… i normally stop.. i think its a mental thing.. The good news is that I ran 3 miles almost 2 whole minutes faster than the week before.. i ran the same course.. in a slightly different order.. but my 3 mile average was 11:30.  I wanted to run again today, but didn’t have time.. I plan on doing 4 tomorrow… hope i can make it!



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