beautiful day in the neighborhood

3 Dec

yesterday i took a day off. i need a day to catch up on homework and relax! of course relaxing took precedence. I stayed in bed for a good part of the morning.. but i made a schedule for my day. I do this whenever i am off. I list the things I need to do, order them and then normally assign time ranges for each.. i never stay on schedule, but i do normally try to stick to the order.

my schedule for the day looked like this
11-12 run
12-1 grocery store
1-130.. eat. shower
2 – 3 nap
3-4 hw
4-5 taji walk
5-6 hw

around 8:30 when hubs left.. i made my normal pre-run breakfast.. whole wheat toast with pb and sliced banana. i had a glass of milk on the side. while eating i caught up on chelsea settles. I’m not in love with the show and could probably go on with life without it.. but i still watch it every now and then. after i ate.. i decided not to get back into bed and be a bum.. so i started cleaning out my closet. my mom wanted some of my old clothes to take with her when she visits India in a few weeks. She likes to give my old clothes to my cousins. So I went through to find stuff I haven’t worn in awhile. I didn’t find much, as I did a closet cleanup earlier this year and donated a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army. When I was done it was about 10:30.. and I wanted to get ready for my run. i got dressed and wore the new top my brother got me.. its an under armor coldgear shirt.. its soo comfy.
it doesn’t look more than just a regular black shirt here but it is pretty awesome. It was in the 40’s when i headed out, which i thought would be freezing.  it was cold, but not too bad. I took taj for a quick walk before my run and promised him a longer walk later, hopped into my car and headed off to fedex field. I had planned on doing a 5k and doing my normal route, but today while on my run i decided to take a detour for about 1 mile. I then got back on my normal route and ended up at my car at almost exactly 5k.. i had to walk a bit to get there, but that was a much needed break. The first 2 miles felt pretty good, but the last one was hilly, and really took a lot for me to finish.
My first mile i finished in 11:08, and I was thinking wow I shaved off about 50seconds off my average..of 12 minutes.. but in the end I still finished in 36:24.. grr.. I thought I had improved my pace.. i guess i need to spend more time doing intervals.
i did some stretching and then headed over to my favorite grocery store – wegmans. i had a list of items to get for a couple of recipes i wanted to try. hubby and i need to stop going out for dinner and find healthier items that sill taste good. we agreed thursday night that our eating habits especially dinner were becoming a big problem – for both of us. so i went to i have always had great success with recipes here. for dinner i had decided to make the asian glazed drumsticks. hubby likes dark meat, so i had a choice between using drumsticks or thighs.. the problem was the meat had to be skinless. Im not really sure how to make sure chicken is skinless, so i bought the package which already contained skinless chicken and ended up with thighs. I love going to wegmans.. the always have free samples. I tried all of the samples i saw and ended up buying some delicious jalepeno and cheese dip and some crackers. I also had some amazing chocolate and cherry bread with a mascarpone spread. omg it was soo delicious.. If i was having people over, I would have bought the bread and spread.. but hubs wouldn’t eat it.. so i’d be the only one stuffing my face with it. i decided against it and headed to checkout.
when i got home, i started to feel tired..and hungry. I quickly ate some leftovers from earlier in the week.. put the groceries away and took a quick shower. by the time i sat down to start my hw it was already 3.. so no time for nap! The rest of the afternoon stayed pretty much on track. Taj and i headed out for our walk and he enjoyed some time running around. he seemed to be having a wonderful time.




it ended up being a wonderful day to be outside with my furbaby.


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