birthday festivities

1 Dec

it’s my birthday and i’m gonna eat if I want to..i’m just saying its gonna happen. i’m probably going to gain at least 1 pound this weekend, and guess what, I am pretty excited about it.

so yes i have been MIA, and I actually started a post to recount my adventures last week – but for some reason wordpress didn’t save my draft like i asked it to! apparently the blogger gods weren’t impressed by my stories of eating and puddle jumping.. I will retype that when I have some extra time. But for now.. its December! what.. November and October flew by.. well the entire last year did.. and this Sunday i will be turning another year older.. boo.. I actually don’t mind.. it sucks more when I realize that my hubby is younger and likes to remind me by calling me “Bum: oldilocks” – that’s straight from an IM conversation we had earlier this morning. If you are wondering why the tag name is Bum.. its not something I just made up.. that is an actual nickname for my hubby and what I have him renamed as on my gchat and even in my phone too!

So anyways. My birthday festivities start today. I am taking tomorrow off work to catch up on school work, and will hopefully have sometime to groom myself (ie pedicure, eyebrows, hair). So today my co-workers are taking me out for a nice carb-loaded lunch at an Italian restaurant. I was even surprised this morning with an Apple muffin from panera on my desk. At first I was like apple in my muffin? but it was declious.. I was even going to try to be good and only eat 1/2 … but umm.. it was gobbled. I couldn’t even take a pic in time..


OMg.. I could probably eat another one right now. Normally on my birthday – well for the past few years.. I’ve gotten a table at a club in DC.. and drank and danced the night away.. While I love doing that, I’m not really in the mood for that this year. Instead I’m all about the food. So this weekend is full of eating! Friday I am not sure what I will do.. maybe ill try to just be healthy at home. My saturday plans though include a girls dinner full of margaritas, guac and chips, and something huge to eat for dinner.. followed by cake and gift opening with my hubby love.. Sunday.. pancakes (duh!), lunch with the mom’s and then dinner with hubby love at one of our favorite dc restaurants..

I’m super excited.. O and I still have to do my Christmas decorations. That’ll be done in my free time, along with hw and studying (i have a final on the 10th!)


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