keep up your healthy lifestyle ~ better

4 Nov

have you guys heard about the new iPhone bracelet that keeps track of your steps, distance traveled, pace and calories burined in a day.. this thing looks awesome.. go to this link and check out the videos.  It tracks all of the things I mentioned above and even your sleep.  It can wake you up!  I was thinking about buying the sleep cycle iphone app to help with my sleep, but this bracelt sounds like it does the same thing… monitoring your sleep cycle, and waking you up at the best possible time so you aren’t tired when you awake..

Watching the video.. it seems like it will even remind you to move if you’ve been sedentary for awhile.. I definately need something to remind me to move!  I sit at my desk at work for hours sometimes.. even on the weekends I find myself laying in the bed for hours on end.. which is horrible.

i need this!


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