chocolate teddy grahams with pb!

3 Nov

ok.. this post has nothing to do with the title. i was listening to the radio this morning and some girl called into talk about her obsession with dipping chocolate teddy grahams into peanut butter. that sounds genious.. doesn’t it? Something I must try.. at some point.

So day 1 of eating more protein and less carbs.. and I guess less fat (boo) started today. My breakfast was quite filling, and got me thinking.. can I really eat all this food. It seems like a lot, including the 3 meals and 3 snacks. I mean I probably won’t be able to stick to the trainer’s plan line by line.. the overall goal is to try to meat the total number she set for each of calories, fat, carbs and protein.. but to reach the protein levels I need seems like a lotta food!.. we’ll see.. it’s only day 1.


  • 4 egg whites scrambled with sauteed spinach, onions, jalepeno, tomatoes in 1/4 tsp olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne on two whole wheat slices toasted.

protein: 44, fat: 12, carbs: 53, calories: 481(based off of mynetdiary calculations)


provided by my director at work.. 1.5 slices pizza with salad(no dressing) and some roasted vegetables.

… i am not going to even try to guess what that cost me.. I will make it up for dinner.

Tonight I have a group meeting to review a project and I have indian style kidney beans (rajma) and fage plain yogurt.. I hate trying to guestimate how many calories and such are in the indian food i eat because i don’t make it, my mom and aunt do. i can only trust they have my best interests in mind.. as in they know i am trying to eat healthier.. so hopefully the food they prepare me.. is healthy. kidney beans are supposed to be high in protein.. all beans for that yea.. tomorrow will be a better eating day (minus the coldstone I plan on getting for a pre-movie treat.. oops).


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