whats for dinner?

2 Nov

well breakfast and lunch too.. I am working with my bootcamp instructor in personal training sessions and she offered to include a nutritional assessment.  Which is awesome, because the one thing I struggle with most is how much I should be eating and of what!  I got the assessment back this morning.. and it drills down to this:

in a given day i should eat:

calories ~ 1400

made up of:

carbs ~ 140 grams

fat ~ 32 grams

protein ~ 140 grams

Currently I am doing too many carbs and fat.. boo.. I love carbs.. and fat(just not on me)!  Definitely not near enough protein, that’s more than double what I am probably getting now.  She also gave me a sample daily menu which looks pretty good, I could probably pull it off.  It shows about 30 grams of protein per meal.. wowsers.  The meal plan also includes 3 snacks.. which each have quite a bit of protein as well.  So looks like I have some grocery shopping and cooking to do.

The high protein items listed on my sample menu are:

4 scrambled egg whites ~ for breakfast (14 g)

.5 cup cottage cheese ~ AM snack (14 g)

3 ounce ground lean turkey ~ lunch (24 g)

protein shake ~ PM Snack (24 g)

4 ounce flounder – broiled ~ dinner (27 g)


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