29 Oct

my friday personal training appointment kicked my butt. i arrived at the gym about 20 minutes early to do some cardio and ended up running on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. I asked my trainer earlier in the week how to improve my pace and she said to do interval training (run a little below pace, and then a little above pace.. alternate about every 2 minutes). That is exactly what I did. I ran between 4.6 and 5.7. I tired to push myself a little more and then slowed down when I started to get tired.

training involved leg and core work and man was it hard. I can definitely feel it today. I am having a hard time moving my entire body actually – as my arms are still hurting from my wednesday workout.

i did something different with my hair today! I did a side braid. It’s hard to do with my layering without random pieces sticking out, but I tried to stick those in to folds..

i started to feel really crappy when I got into work, and tried to eat my oatmeal right away. I think that helped. I started feeling better towards the afternoon. This chai tea definitely helped. mmm yummy.

we had a fire alarm go off at 2:30.. and I decided it was time to go home.. I know I am a slacker.. but I got some errands done, and missed the normal friday traffic mess. I enjoyed a delicious fun size kit kat bar while waiting at a light.

when i got home i relaxed in my bed and watched the new abc show ‘Once Upon A Time’. i thought it was okay, but i am willing to give it another chance.. as it seems they are still building the story line. i eventually made it to Wegmans and got groceries, including the ingredients to make these. I plan to make them later today. When I got back home and did some cleaning and then collapsed with hubs to watch ‘its a funny story’.. the movie was cute, different.

this morning Taj woke me up bright and early.. about 5:30.. my alarm was set for

I walked him in the yucky rain.. it’s freezing today and it’s supposed to snow here.. what..this means i can where my heavy down coat with the faux fur on the hood … right?

i hurried him back in and then quickly retreated back to my bed. I had to be ready by 7:30 to leave for class… boo… I had done some hw earlier in the week but decided to double check the class syllabus just to make sure i had done everything. that’s when i realized i had forgotten to answer some questions. i spent the next 30 minutes quickly throwing something together before jumping into the shower and then leaving.

my view in class….


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