Celebrating my younger brother

20 Oct

My brother, SAM!,  is serving in the Army and will be deployed to Afghanistan at the end of November for a full year.  As terrified as I am for him, I am also proud of him, and will continue to support him.  He has always been the most important person to me.  We didn’t always get along when we where younger, but at some point either I or both of us realized we needed to stick together.  And since then we’ve had a pretty good relationship – despite our 6 year difference in age.  My brother is the type of person who can get along with anyone.  He is very calm, and he is able to read people really well.  He always can tell when I am getting stressed, and definitely knows when he needs to back off.

Sam’s visit to me in Utah in April 2008!

Sam and Mom at a Cali wedding in 2008.

He joined the army 2 years ago, surprising all of us.  It would be his first time moving away from home – and a huge adjustment.  My brother had always been the baby – we(My Mom and I) had helped him with everything.  He made this decision by himself – one of the first, and I knew from the moment he told me, I had to be supportive.

He is planning to come home next weekend and I want to plan him an amazing party.  He deserves the best send-off ever.  I already started making a guest list.. Problem is I don’t actually know many of his friends in the area (bad sister).  I remember some names, and I stalked his Facebook page last night.  So i think I found one person – maybe he can help me wrangle in some other people.

For the party I am thinking a bowling alley or like a Dave and Busters.  I dislike when we have family gatherings and there are forced interactions.  I think if we put in an activity and everyone participates it will be more fun.  I have put in inquires to a few places, but I need to plan this quickly.  Sam hasn’t even bought his flight to come out here yet, but he told me he’s doing it today.  So once I know the dates he will be here, and can find something affordable that meets all my expectations, we will be in business.

Hubs, myself and Sam! My two favorites.


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