operation lose 10 – check in

17 Oct

OMG – I had doubts this would happen, but I have lost more weight – and I am now just 2 pounds away from my goal weight. My pants are fitting great, and I told you about that dress I was able to fit into over the weekend. So despite my horrible eating habits, yes I am still eating some of the same bad foods but I have definitely cut down my portions, I must be doing something right. I have also tried to find ways to be active everyday! Even though I am still a couple pounds from my goal weight, I feel great.

My plan going forward

  • Stick to my work out schedule
  • Continue running
  • Continue to make healthier choices
  • Stop obsessing over my weight, as long as I feel good it shouldn’t matter.

A few random things that may have helped me

  • No more snacking
  • Not stuffing my face (before I would just eat whatever was in front of me.. i have become more aware of what I am eating and how much of it.. I now stop myself when I am no longer feeling hungry, except when there are chips and salsa.. for some reason I have to eat all of the chips and every last drip of salsa)
  • Staying away from McD’s – I can’t remember the last time I had any type of fast food (it hasn’t been months – maybe a month)
  • drinking lots of water.. especially before eating a meal
  • cutting back on drinking alcohol or drinking with all the juice sugar
  • no more chocolate/ sugar cravings in the afternoon ( i guess what they say is true.. if you cut back long enough the cravings go away.. don’t get me wrong though I still love my desserts maybe just not everyday.
  • eating more fiber
  • measuring my portions
  • calorie counting ( I use the mynetdiary app on my iphone.. I currently try to stick to about 1300 calories a day, I know I can’t count everything, so I just try to guesstimate)
  • finding a few staple foods I love (pb, black bean, roasted broccoli, cucumber salads, whole wheat pancakes, plain quaker oats old fashioned oatmeal)
  • being active everyday – well trying, even if its just taking Taj for a longer walk, or if I have to do a workout video in my basement now that the sun is setting sooner.
Today we are having a team meeting during lunch and I think pizza will be served.. Remember I have an obsession with pizza.. Mmmm.. in fact I think i’m going to get some Saturday from DH and I’s favorite place – Piola for some carb-loading before the run on Sunday.. But anyways back to today – I plan on getting a side salad at some pt.. and eating ONE slice of pizza.. Mmm.
Current Weight: 132.0 .. what!
Goal Weight: 130





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