love is in the air

16 Oct

DH and I attended a friend’s wedding this weekend. The weather was awesome for a wedding, but we were both exhausted. I felt like I hadn’t had a decent nights sleep in a few nights with stress from work, and my already crazy schedule. Top that off with Taj waking me up at all hours of the night. It was also Maryland’s Homecoming this weekend, so DH had been partying the night before. We were in good spirits though. I especially was since I was able to fit into a dress I hadn’t been able to fit into since buying it a year ago. It was my regular size, so I figured it would fit. I think I was in denial a year ago about my weight gain. Below are a few pictures of us from the wedding.

Why can I never get DH to take a good picture with me!! GRR! The last one is good. My quadriceps were hurting the whole night. Friday morning i had gone to kickboxing, and did a 20 minute run on the treadmill right after. That may not have been the best idea. 8(.. I am stretching them out hoping the soreness goes away.

I have another busy week ahead. A paper due, final, and a new class starting.. o Joy.


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