Crazy Week

28 Sep

This week has been extremely busy. DH has been out of town, and my already hectic week has become just a little more hectic. I figured out on Monday, that I am out of the house -twice a week for 17hours straight. These are the days I workout, go to work, and then class at night. That’s crazy – right? To me it is. Especially when I factor in taking care of Taj. Needless to say, the dog walker has been on double-duty all week, which means I am paying out of my butt to keep my crazy schedule on track. I love spending time with Taj, and I really feel bad when I can’t, or when he’s stuck inside for the majority of the day. I left work early yesterday to get him to the vet for his annual exam which ended being crap. I hate waiting and I can never understand why at both the doctors and at at the vets I am always waiting. Our appointment was at 4:20. Granted we didn’t get their until 4:30 (I am normally late), but we didn’t see the vet until about 5:10, and I think it was that ‘soon’ because I went to the receptionist and asked how much longer it was going to take. I think Taj could sense my anxiety – and therefore he became anxious. bahh.. We didn’t end up getting home till about 6:20ish. I was thinking about a run, but I was pooped – not sure why. I fed Taj, and sat down to a bowl of my favorite granola. OMG my mouth was watering just thinking about it.

I had never looked at the calories in granola, until I bought this. Holy cow – alotta calories. One 1/2 cup of this brand is 230 calories, plus I eat it with skim milk (a little less than 1/2 cup of milk). So I actually only eat the one serving and although its a very little amount – I find that it keeps me satisfied.

So I ordered a couple of cute dressed from Dillards (Love that store) to treat myself for losing some weight. Below is a picture I snapped of one of them – the other dress didn’t fit.. boo. I think this one is really cute, and its comfy. DH though thought it was kinda bright. You can’t really see the color in my picture. But it’s this dress.  I have to decide if I am going to keep it.  I already know I am sending the other one back.


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