pizza pizza!

26 Sep

I LOVE pizza.  Actually DH and I both do.  I could probably eat it a few times a week.  I wouldn’t say everyday, maybe it there were different toppings involved.  I have been working really hard on getting back into shape, and this week since DH is out of town I was going to go on my crazy healthy eating.  My mom even cooked some yummy Indian food for me, which I deem healthy because I think it really is.  The food she made for me this week includes whole wheat rotis, cooked okra, and quinoa with a boatload of veggies and some Indian spice.  Mmm.  I am incredibly excited to eat all of that – but of course in smart portions.

Today though, I have a team lunch for a board I am on here at work.  Its at a new pizza place – Joe squared (supposedly the best pizza in Maryland).  I actually went last week and it is pretty good.  My problem is that I have a hard time when it comes to pizza.  I could eat a whole pizza if it was sitting in front of me, and not think twice.  I have learned and become a lot better about portion control – especially in the last month.

I did think about not going – but as my friend said “if u avoid going to lunch, then u will never learn how to go to those events and still eat healthy”.  So I am going to go.. shes right of course.  My plan is to stick to 2 slices.  I still have a pretty healthy dinner, so the day wont be a complete disaster.


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