Operation Lose 10

22 Sep

So I came up with Operation Lose 10 back at the end of July.  My Summer class session was coming to an end, and I was getting frustrated with my weight.  At the beginning of the year I was tipping close to 143.o, but mid-summer I was closer to 138.2.  I decided during my class-free month I was going to go hardcore and try to lose at least 5 of the 10 pounds I wanted to lose.  I started my morning bootcamp again to mix in with the kickboxing/ boxing I was already doing.  I didn’t see much progress, maybe a pound here or there, but with the weight fluctuations I had been seeing, it didn’t amount to much for me.

Last week though, I lost about 3 more.  I was also sick last week, so that may be where the extra 3 pounds came from, but I am hoping it stays off.

Here are pictures from today so I can better keep track of my progress, I will try to do this monthly.

Current Weight: 134.2

Goal Weight: 130.0

My current session of bootcamp ends in 2 weeks and then an indoor session starts, which doesn’t excite me very much. My plan is to continue with Kickboxing at LA Boxing for three days a week, as long as Greg is teaching the class.

I think I am also going to check out some Bikram Yoga.  My plan is to go this weekend with my mom.  I will let you know how it is.


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