Drop it like it’s hot

12 Sep

For some reason my clumsiness took on a whole new meaning Monday. I was dropping stuff left and right. I didn’t feel tired or out of it. I felt pretty awake when I started getting ready at 4:45AM for kickboxing. I dropped my phone a few times (thank goodness for my otterbox phone case!), and then I tried to fill Taj’s water fountain thingy, and that fell.  I tried to make my protein shake and the freaking tumbler fell out of my hands.  When I finally made it to work after kickboxing, I was crossing the street when I dropped my keys in the middle of the road.  OMG.. what is wrong with me.  Thankfully I was able to make my oatmeal without dropping it or anything else.  Mmm yummy oatmeal with fresh bananas.

I don’t put anything else in my oatmeal, which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. The bananas are usually pretty sweet, and with one banana, I can usually have some sweetness in every bite. I may experiment by adding some cinnamon if I remember to bring it in.

I should have prepared myself for this week better. I have class three nights in a row! I should have spent a couple of hours cooking some stuff up so that I would have lunch and dinners for the next 3 days. But I didn’t. For lunch I went to Potbelly’s. I was trying to decide what the best thing to buy would be since I needed lunch and dinner. I normally eat a whole sandwich, so I thought maybe I would get soup too, so I could eat 1/2 the sandwich for lunch and the other 1/2 for dinner. But when I got to Potbelly’s none of the soup choices appealed to me. So I ended up with one TKY, one giant pickle, and some SunChips. I split all of this in 1/2 and decided to eat the other 1/2 for dinner.
I didn’t think this would fill me up at all. I downed a glass of water before eating, and then started chowing down. The biggest surprise was – it did fill me up. Awesome! Now I did happen to find a piece of candy while I was walking around the office, but I didn’t end up snacking the rest of the afternoon.
For dinner, I even bought a bowl of fresh mixed fruit – but didn’t end up eating it. I’ll be eating that later for lunch.

What else should I eat today?


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