Sunday funday

11 Sep

I woke up later than I wanted to Sunday morning – about an hour later, but I knew I wanted to fit in a run. When I eventually got out of bed I ate a banana and tried to drink some water. I’m not a big fan of water unless I am super thirsty. I drank what I could and then popped the harness on Taj and we were off.
Look how excited we look. Taj was just excited to go outside and smell every centimeter of the earth. We kept stopping! OMG, I just knew the C25k workout wasn’t going to happen. I normally give him about 10 minutes to smell and do his thing before I start my C25k app. I started the app on my phone after giving Taj about 15 minutes. The beginning of the workout is always a 5 minute warm-up, so he got an extra 5 minutes. As the workout progressed to running, Taj totally gave in. I was so relieved. The workout was the same as Saturday’s. We ran around Fedex field again, but this time there were a ton of workers on-site preparing for the evening football game (Redskins vs. the Giants), so we ran through a lot more parking lot than normal. Taj was on his best behavior. I was proud of him after we finished – no pulling, no stopping!

When I got home, I treated myself to some Wegmans Granola cereal.. MMmm yummy. While I was eating, I turned the TV on to catch some the the 9/11 ceremonies. I watched for a little bit, but it’s so sad. I still remember how I felt when the actual event occurred and what I was doing (sitting in my Highschool English class).

I eventually showered, and decided I wanted to take a short nap (as in I don’t want to do my homework). I napped for an hour and then decided I better get on my homework since DH and I were actually heading to the Redskins vs. Giants football game later that afternoon.

They handed out Flags at the game and had their own tribute, which I think other football games had yesterday – they had a huge American Flag which covered the field, and we sang the national anthem – well Ne-yo actually did, which was a surprise.  I got excited though because I thought maybe he’d have another performance during half time. I don’t recollect any halftime show though – which was odd. Even at preseason games they had something – like little kids having short games on the field. Weird.

My football attire with my flags and my lazy eye.

I actually enjoyed the game, which I can’t say I normally do. I think it was the weather – or maybe it was just a good game. Of course my ADD kicked in during 4th quarter. The Redskins were winning and doing pretty well and I got bored.


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