morning run

10 Sep

This morning Taj (my furbaby) woke me up at 5, which on a weekday is fine, but on weekends I want to sleep in. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand that. I got up and took him out for a quick pee, then we came back in and I fed him. I then immediately ran back into bed. At 6:30 he was again pawing me to get up. I love that he can tell me that he wants to go out, but seriously go tell hubby and stop bothering me. Luckily hubby did get up and took Taj out on his own. Whoo hoo that meant more sleep for me. I finally got up at 7:45ish and quickly realized I needed to get my butt out of bed if I was going to get my workout in this morning. Taj wanted to go back out of course. I don’t think he had a real reason, he just wanted to enjoy the gorgeous weather. How could you blame him though, it was a great morning to be out and about. I decided to take him for my workout even though I knew he would be a pain in the butt, and not let me run, but I figured at least I could try to tire him out for the rest of the day. I decided to jump up to week 4 workout 1 on the Couch to 5k schedule.



I figured it was safe to jump to the 4th week because I was able to run a good amount of distance when I was at bootcamp this past week. Wednesday’s bootcamp was what my instructor likes to call the ‘perimeter’ run. Which is basically running the perimeter of Patterson Park in Baltimore. I think its a little more than 2 miles. We run to each corner, and then do drills for a few minutes, and then start the run back up. So it isn’t continuous running, which is good for me, but still super tough.

So Taj and I started and completed the workout! He actually didn’t get in the way today. Craziness. Maybe I just need to get him in the morning. I’ll try again tomorrow morning to see if I can prove this theory.

We completed 1 full round around fedex, and then ran through some parking lot to finish out the workout. By the time I got home, I had burned a total of 521 calories, and completed 2.5 miles.


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