feeling like a fatty

7 Sep

Do you ever feel huge after eating?  I feel like this a lot of time, like my stomach has expanded.  I’ll eat something, and not a ton of food – a healthy portion, and i’ll feel like I just gained 20 pounds (like I want to unbutton my pants).  This has to be abnormal.  I did also snack on a snack size KitKat, which is probably not helping me either.

the culprit

Today’s lunch was 1/2 my calzone from dinner last night.  I made them using Pillsbury Original Refrigerated Pizza Crust, and stuffed them with Sargento reduced fat Mozzarella cheese and sauteed veggies (mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers, onion).

Do you ever feel stuffed, or is it just me?  I seriously just took my belt off.. don’t judge me.


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