Earthquake.. really?

24 Aug

We had an earthquake in the DMV area yesterday. WHAT! Not just any earthquake either – it was a 5.6 magnitude or something crazy.  I was standing in our break room talking to someone when it happened and of course the first thought the crossed my crazy mind was something had hit the building, and then we are being attacked.  We don’t have earthquakes in MD.  craziness.  Of course there was a panic, as everyone started to flee the building.  Work was released early because the building we work in is about 100 years old, so the facility managers wanted to be sure everything was fine before letting us return.  I guess everything is fine – as we are back to work today.. boo.

So I did get home earlier than anticipated even with all the traffic – when I left at 2:30 PM – there was already a mass exodus to leave the city.. it took me 40 minutes just to get out of Baltimore.  Not too much traffic the rest of the way home.  I was worried about our furbaby though, and praying nothing had fallen and breaken.  When I got home, my furbaby seemed fine.. a little jittery.  Things were rattled, and had fallen over a bit, only one thing was on the ground.  I thought it was hilarious that frames were slanted but a little annoying to get them straight again.

Once I assessed everything, I took my babes for a walk.  The weather was beautiful yesterday.  I had all this extra time, so I decided it was time to start my art project.  I wanted to make something like this:

This is what mine looks like so far.

After looking at the picture, I think it may be slightly lopsided. I first wanted to do a longer quote, but that proved to be harder. I wanted to do a larger part of the EE Cummings poem, [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in], but now I am only doing the portion ‘I carry your heart, (i carry it in my heart). Love that poem. I had some other phrases I was looking at too.. but again more difficult.

I followed the instructions as mapped out in the apartment therapy link above. The only difference, I first spray painted my plywood white. What I learned – spray painting ain’t easy. My fingers were hurting after clasping the spray can. It didn’t take long to get the whole board white though.

Before picking up the plywood, I tried to measure the size board I wanted by doing some math in my head. I had 3″ letters. I counted the number of letters in the portion of the poem I wanted to use.. and did some calculations. It ended up being some lofty measurements.. like 60″ x 50″.. and I was thinking to myself – that’s too big!

So I walked into Lowe’s, picked up my spray cans first, then headed over to the plywood section. Luckily they already had some pieces cut. Without doing any measurements.. I just picked one up.. eh, not the best way, but I am happy with the size I got.. Its pretty large. I still haven’t measured it.

My goal is to finish by Friday before DH comes home, so he can see my beautiful creation. Tonight I need to go pick up more letters because I ran out of R’s and C’s. boo.. why did my pack only come with 1 C. That is crap.

So that was my Tuesday night – post earthquake.

By the way – bootcamp sucked this morning.. I am pooped.


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