Weekend fun!

21 Aug

The weekend flew by.. as always, but I am pretty sad it went so fast for two reasons.

1. I start school in a week, so it was one of my last free weekends.

2. hubs left me for a business trip Sunday night 8(.. I hate when he leaves.  He was quick to remind me though, that I had left him the previous week, but I told him it’s not the same, because this time he was leaving me.  boo

Anyways, back to my fab and relaxing weekend.

Friday night, for some reason I thought we were going to the Redskins game.  We have season tickets, and I thought at some point hubs told me we were going to the game – apparently he said watching the game – since it was away.  So I was sitting at home waiting for him in my jersey.. lol.  Lets just say I was slightly confused.  Hubs watched the game, while I popped open a bottle of wine.. mmm.. I hadn’t had wine in awhile – it made me happy.

For dinner I made my new favorite salad consisting of: chopped cucumbers, green peppers, and red peppers.  I squeezed fresh lemon on top and added a teaspoon of salt.  I also made some hard-boiled eggs and had 1 as my side.  The salad was very filling, and I love hard-boiled eggs.  I will probably be eating this salad for awhile – until I get tired of it.

So we watched the game, well hubby did – I am not a fan of watching football – especially on TV, I enjoy it more live – at the game.  So I continued to finish up some work.  With the wine-drinking lets just say I didn’t accomplish much.  At some point I passed out 8)…

Saturday came, and I attempted to do a run with my furbaby.  He kept stopping though!  And after the third stop, I got frustrated.. yelled at him, and then went home.  I don’t have much patience.. I felt bad for yelling and later apologized to him – bad mommy. I did however wear my new favorite running shoes – the New Balance Minimus.  20110821-104146.jpg

The are excellent – light on my feat, very comfortable, and I LOVE the COLORS!  I definitely have a workout outfit, to match these… dork I know.

I vowed to try a run later that evening.  I had to take my car in for service, so I had hubby pick me up and we went to chick-fil-et .. yes I KNOW.. horrible.  But I got the Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap Meal – which does include fries, but the wrap itself is only about 400 calories, and I only ate half of it.  I also had some of DH’s milk shake.. MMmmm.

Saturday was the last day for tax free shopping in MD.  So I went to one of my favorite stores (KOHLS) and got some necessities: bras, undies, new workout tees and 1 pair of pants, and a redskins tee (for when I do actually go to a game). Kohl’s had also sent me a 15% off coupon which I also used.  Using coupons makes me happy 8).  I love that store, best deals – EVERRr – I scored all that for under $100.

I finally came home, and hubby and I made salmon for dinner.. Mmmm, and since I had finally finished reading ‘The Help’, he took me to see the movie.  The movie disappointed me, but I still had to see it.  The book was much better – read the book!

Sunday, since it was my last day this week with hubby.  We did what we love to do… lay in bed!  We also made it out for lunch.  I justified all this eating out with the fact that hubby was going to be gone, so I would be able to control all my eating this coming week.  Let’s just hope I won’t be complaining later this week about my weight – when I can only blame myself, and maybe DH a little bit 8).

That was my weekend – nice and relaxing.  I did finally run.  I did the ‘Couch to 5k’ Week 1, Workouts 1 + 2.  My bootcamp instructor also assigned us homework for the week, which I will try to do tonight.  It depends on who is using the field by my house, and how muddy it is, and if I can find somewhere else to do my exercises in peace – which I am sure I can.  I like the field though, because then I can tire myself and my furbaby out all at the same time.


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